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Garment selection

100% polyester garments print best with dye sublimation printing.

The first step is selecting the garment. On white or very light-coloured fabrics, ceramics, and metals or even on products with a polymer coating, the dye-sublimation printing method creates prints that are vivid, sharp and permanent, with no texture when the print is touched.



Because dye sublimation uses dye and not ink, it can penetrate the fibres of the garment instead of just sitting on their surface – lending to its incredible durability. Your design choices are unlimited: you can choose from any image or colour for the design of your dreams.



The heat curing process is used to permanently affix the print to the garment.

We ensure your garment goes through either an industrial heat press or tunnel dryer to dry and permanently affix the printed dye to your garment.


  • Bulk discounts. You will definitely benefit from bulk discounts, but even single orders are financially efficient and reasonable.
  • Prints do not crack or peel. Our dyes give a soft finish, resulting in prints that do not crack or peel.
  • Prints are stretchable. Because the prints go through the material, they can stretch any way that the fabric stretches.


  • The dye sublimation process can only be done on white or light fabrics that are polyester-based.
  • Build-your-own garments are not able to be sublimated.
  • Exact colour matching via the Pantone Matching System might not be possible.

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