Mak Cut-to-Fit® pants were designed by Troy McNally, current Director of Mak Wear, in 2008 when Reece Plumbing supplies asked Troy, back then a carpenter, to design a pair of pants to reduce warehouse requirements. Troy came up with the idea of creating a triple stitch line for three different leg lengths– Stout, Regular and Tall. The seam, is triple-locked stitched and is able to be cut just below the seam with scissors to fit the preferred leg length.

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Triple stitching prevents the seam from fraying and continuing up the pant, providing a neat finished hem in only seconds.

As the Cut-to-Fit® pants are manufactured with three per-hemmed leg lengths, they allow companies and re-sellers to hold less stock, incur less wastage and manage uniforms more easily.

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Cut-to-Fit® is patented by Mak and is a direct result of the research and product development we undertake to provide customers with solutions.
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Mak has stock in around 50 stores across the country and over 300 stores through Reece's network. Mak possesses a moderate B2B base, with companies ranging from 3-300 employees and also supply to different councils through retailers.

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