How it works


Fabric selection

Vinyl heat press is versatile and can be used on many different fabrics and items.


Design and cutting

Combed cotton and polyester garments print best with vinyl heat transfer printing.



Your design is then manually weeded by our team and is prepped for pressing. Weeding describes the process of removing parts of the transfer that are unnecessary in order to remove the negative space from your design. This includes the inside of letters.


Heat application

Heat press is used to attach and permanently affix the weeded design to the garment.

Once the cutting and weeding have taken place, the design is then pressed with an industrial heat press to attach the design to your garment permanently.


  • Excellent printing of designs with clean, sharp lines. A wide range of special effects is available thanks to the specialty vinyl media: gloss, metallic, reflective, fluoro and glitter.
  • Low set-up costs. Designs are completed very quickly for small quantity orders, and there are very low set-up costs with high-quality results on almost every fabric.
  • No set-up cost for repeated orders. When you repeat an order of a previous design, we will not charge you a set-up fee. Once you have done designs with us before, your design will be forever on file in case you need a new order done.
  • Suitable for odd surfaces like a hat or sun visor. Vinyl transfers can be used to print designs onto surfaces where usual methods are not able to reach like a hat or a sun visor.


  • Heat transfer is not good for bulk orders in terms of cost-effectiveness, due to the labour needs of the process.
  • Designs have to be supplied in vector format or converted to it before they can be cut.
  • There are some limitations to the number of different colours you can produce.
  • Artwork approvals are only provided for orders of 15 units and over.

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