How it works


Your artwork is assessed to make sure it is usable and resized as per your requirements. There is a minimum order quantity of 50. Vector artwork is preferred, but we can use high-resolution .png files.


Our designer sets up the artwork using a plastisol transfer printer. Inks are managed closely to ensure colours are maintained. Our machine can print large sheets.

Once the ink is dried, a special glue is added to the back of all logos and designs and the sheets are cut down accordingly.


A heat press is used to attach and permanently affix the designs to the garment or item.

The design is pressed with an industrial heat press to attach the design to your garment permanently. We double press all logos to ensure they will not peel.


  • They can be printed in a single colour or multicolour.
  • We can hold stock of your logo or design with a deposit so they are ready for when they are needed for a print job, reducing lead-times.
  • Printed transfers are also useful for items that are hard to print on, with a direct-to-screen or direct-to-garment printer.
  • This process makes creating intricate designs on caps, name tags, and individualised jerseys possible with quicker production times.
  • Can use high-resolution files in .png format.


  • Lead-time is longer than other processes depending on job size. Lead time is usually 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Minimum order is 50 items.
  • The colours cannot be matched to Pantone colours.
  • Some small details may be lost.
  • Small text is sometimes not possible.

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